Christmas Gifts

Never too early to d.i.y a gift, especially one super special. So today, I, Saanika, shall show you how you can make the perfect mug for yourself or for a loved one. Let’s go:D

Step 1: Take a plain mug(you can get this at Target) and some colorful Sharpies.

Step 2: Create any type of wintery design or quote onto your mug. It can even be a cute decoration. Eg: “Have a Cup of Cheer”

Step 3: Outline and color the decoration with the Sharpies. Remember, there are a lot of designs and quotes on the internet.

Step 4: When finished, place your mug in the oven and bake at 360 degrees fahrenheit for 10 minutes. Then wrap the mug and there is your present.

Done in like 30 minutes. Now how’s that. Hope you enjoy this. See you soon.

Saanika the fabulous

If you want more ideas stay tuned for the holiday line. bye!!!!!





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